Dedicated Account Manager

You will assigned a account manager with access to their mobile and email address. They are there for you whenever you need them to discuss orders and help you source the best gifts for your company.

Discounts As Standard

For regular or bulk orders we can offer a set discount and can also negotiate discounts for one off orders. Always reach us first if you have an order for ten or more items.

Personalized Gifts

We can add your logo to many of our gifts and greetings card messages and can also include any of your products as well ,catalogs, pens or business cards within orders and usually at no extra cost. We can also produce lots of different types of promotional material from gift boxes to pens

Gift Hampers or Special Occasions

Occasions can be busy for everyone. We take the hassle out of your company gifts and offer a really simple service. Simply reach us to discuss a budget and ideas and then email them a spreadsheet with all the address details on and we do the rest. We have a huge range of gifts for all budgets.

Reward and Motivate Staff

We can supply custom gifts for staff birthdays and anniversaries. We offer a calendar system where you can input staff joining dates and birthdays, choose a level of gift you would like and we can deliver the gift on the specified
date. A great way to show your staff members that you care and help retain them for the future.

Say Thanks or Apologies to Customers and Clients

Have you upset a customer or do you need to say thanks? We can offer a gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Be it a small hamper or a big box of retro sweets, we have a gift for everyone.

Acquiring and Retaining New Customers

What better way to stand out from the other businesses out there than to send your new and existing customers a gift, either on their birthday or a seasonal occasion. You can use our calendar system to add your most important clients birthdays etc and then leave the rest up to us.

Employee of The Quarter / Year Awards Gifts

Stuck for awards gifts? Leave it to us. Set a budget and we can do the rest for you, including delivering the goods to a specified location or the awards venue on the day.

Recruitment Consultants Gifts

Make your new recruits feel welcome by supplying us with the day they start their new job. We find that a large jar of sweets with your logo on or a box of our retro sweets goes down really well as they can be shared around the office and are an ideal way to make the new member fit straight in.

Estate Agents Gifts

Supply us with the moving in dates when you complete a sale and we can ensure a gift is delivered directly to their new home. What better welcome can there be than a nice big bunch of flowers or a Sweet hamper. Guaranteed to make customers come back to you in the future.

VIP Shows

Hampers for your VIP can be set up as per his profession and given